Founder and CEO of Le Reve Skin Care Inc. is one of the foremost

experts in not only ultra-sonic lipo treatments, but also as a coach to bright

estheticians choosing to forward their career by learning cutting-edge technologies

and techniques in the advanced skin care industry.

Working with professionals around the globe in gaining an understanding

of non-invasive and effective liposuction alternatives. That was the drive behind the

creation of the Le Reve Skincare. Le Reve wishes to rewrite the standard in

advanced skin care treatments, providing the very best education and training any

where in the world.

The industry is booming, but it is also changing. The skin care professional who is

willing to learn and expand throughout their career will be successful. That is why

LeReve has created the Le Reve Professional

designation plan. Which lists How to Become a franchise owner. How to

make the most with your career. How to become more valuable to your clients.

How to attract the best customers. The latest techniques and technologies in

advanced skin care treatment available today! We search the world for the best

technology and information regarding personal health and wellness.

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